Legal interpretation

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Your legal interpretation needs

As legal professionals you have specific interpretation needs for international legal hearings to ensure fair understanding between parties of different languages.

Similarly, in cross-border negotiations, interpretation is essential to overcome language barriers and facilitate agreements between lawyers and companies.

In addition, the translation of legal documents by sworn interpreters guarantees the validity of contracts and agreements in different jurisdictions.

Legal interpretation

Our customized solutions


Oral translation of a speech at the same time as the speaker.

Translation into 230 languages

Ideal for international conferences, meetings and congresses


Oral translation of a speech passage by passage.

Translation into 230 languages

Ideal for business meetings and negotiations


Face-to-face interpreting to facilitate communication.

Translation into 230 languages

Recommended for business meetings


Officially certified interpretation by a sworn interpreter

Translation into 230 languages

Recommended for legal, judicial or administrative situations requiring legal validation

legal interpretation

Video conference interpreting

Since the health crisis, this option has seen strong growth.

Our Video Conference Interpreting service enables you to organize international meetings without geographical constraints.

Our qualified interpreters connect in real time to facilitate communication between participants of different languages, guaranteeing smooth, accurate interpreting.

At Legal 230, we offer you the use of our secure platform to ensure the utmost confidentiality for you and your partners, wherever they may be, whatever their working language.