Our dedicated and secure portal in France

To guarantee the processing of your data with complete confidentiality, LEGAL 230 offers you the opportunity to use a secure platform meeting the latest IT security standards recommended by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency.

To guarantee total confidentiality when processing your data, we provide you with our highly secure platform (class IV) to ISO/IEC 27001 standard, which is accessible by dual-factor authentication, for depositing and collecting your documents.

The first time you work with LEGAL 230, you will be asked to submit your documents to our secure environment. You will then receive an access code and a login so you can sign in.

Guaranteeing confidential processing of your data is our priority. This is why we keep investing in trustworthy technological tools with proven reliability.

Of course, if you so wish, we can also send you your documents by email or by any other means to suit you.

LEGAL 230 is a French company and hosts its data exclusively in France.

If you require any further information, please email us at

Discover our secure translation management portal

To guarantee data exchanges with the greatest respect for confidentiality rules, we have completely redesigned the file transmission methods by developing a dedicated 100% secure portal to the management of your translation projects.

Very intuitive, this portal requires no training or installation and groups your quotes, orders, invoices ...

'Cherry on the cake ', its installation is completely free ...


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Albert Einstein

Artificial Intelligence is a constellation of technologies capable of giving machines the capacity to perceive, understand, act and learn in order to increase human capacities. At LEGAL 230, we believe that this technique should be applied to translation. With this in mind, we have developed an innovative tool and service called “Alan®”.

“Alan®”, allows us to guarantee high-quality translations in record time in these three languages: English, French and German.

For any other language, LEGAL 230’s translators, who are legal specialists, work with CAT tools, which also makes it possible to create translation memories, ensuring time savings and consistent translations over time and across your projects.

Our, « Alan® » technology is continuously enriched by adapted machine learning techniques, incorporating terminology layers developed for legal professions. Your memory base will grow with each project, thanks to the incorporation of terminological glossaries and machine learning.

We have long been convinced that intelligent automation is the key to success, as it processes large amounts of information and enables humans to perform more valuable tasks, focusing on the essential.

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" Albert Einstein

Unlike other technologies previously used on the market, our neural engine processes the entire translation process through an artificial neural network.

The strength of our system, and the key to our success, is the ability to automatically correct its settings during the learning phase.

More specifically, each translation develops the engine through learning. In the case of a single vertical (Legal), self-learning capacities are particularly relevant.

This technology is based on “Deep Learning” algorithms, allowing our engine to learn and generate language rules from a reference translation and produce a translation whose quality exceeds the state of the art.

Terminology glossaries with automatic updates

Terminology is a key issue that needs to be highlighted when designing a translation.

Your terms are precious and must be homogenised over time. To do this, according to your requirements, we will provide you with a glossary of the main terms used in your documents. After validation by you, these glossaries are implemented in our monitoring tools and guarantee consistent and reliable translations over time.

For the purposes of translation, the glossaries prepared by LEGAL 230 contain the key terms in the source language, together with an approved translation in the target language for each of them. A glossary may contain other information such as definitions, context, the grammatical nature and include the review and approval dates. Many words can have multiple meanings, particularly in English. To guarantee a quality translation, feel free to send us reference documents, information websites or any other data that you think is relevant to share with our teams.