A strong & committed positioning

Positioning, the last step of our marketing strategy, after segmentation and targeting, is one of the elements that creates the most value for our customers.

Why talk about value for our customers? Because our positioning highlights the expected benefit and meets - de facto - the high expectations of our customers

It transmits one or more simple and central ideas and concepts about our offer to the market, which the market is ready to accept.

At LEGAL 230, we have taken advantage of a strong position for legal players, which can be summarised in 6 points:

  • Adding value: The LEGAL 230 offer is exclusively designed for legal professionals,
  • Distinctive: LEGAL 230’s promise sets it apart from other market players,
  • Differentiating: LEGAL 230 provides differentiating added value,
  • Communicative: In choosing LEGAL 230, Expert Translation Boutique, a meaningful name
  • Pre-emptive: In being a niche and innovative player,
  • Faithful: In providing deliverables that meet expectations and an exceptional customer experience,

Positioning is an important strategic choice and is key to the success of LEGAL 230. It defines the direction that each of our activities and each of our choices will take.

It allows us in particular to be consistent in all our decisions, whether in terms of services, price, distribution channels or communication channels.

In taking this strong, committed and assumed position, LEGAL 230 wants to be the benchmark player for legal professionals in Europe by offering an unrivalled service in more than 230 languages.