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Each of them has over 15 years of experience in the legal translation industry

Fabien Bernier

Partner & Head of Development

With a Master's degree from a business school, Fabien entered the business world at a young age, choosing the digital sector. Five years later, with his valuable experience, he changed focus and discovered a new sector- translation. A born entrepreneur, he began a new adventure in 2020 as co-founder of Legal 230.

Christelle Mandet

Partner & Head of Sales

After graduating with a degree in history- her passion- Christelle became interested in business management, and went on to study for a Master's in business management. She started her career as a Sales Engineer for a translation company in its infancy. After 9 years in the role, she became an Account Manager, progressing to Sales Director French Market. In 2020, she embarked on the Legal 230 adventure with her partners.

Andréa Marangolo

Partner & Head of Production

Andréa graduated from a Trilingual Lawyer Master's degree in 2016, during which she taught French in Ireland, before working at a Criminal Defence Attorney's practice in Chicago. On her return to France, she focused on her main passion- legal translation. She is proud to have founded Legal 230 with her partners, a project that brings together state-of-the-art technology and human expertise.

Eugénie Rengassamy

Partner & Head of Production

After studying for her degree, which included a year in Germany, Eugénie graduated with a Master's in Translation and Legal and Financial Terminology in English and German in 2012. She then spent 5 years as a Project Manager, before managing a team of project managers. In 2018, Eugénie and Andréa began to explore the idea of setting up their own business. They achieved their objective in 2020 when they set up Legal 230 with their new partners.

Adolf Allotey

Partner & Business Development Director


We all strive for your satisfaction

Johann Rondineau

Business Development Manager

After studying Law at university, Johann lived in London for 5 years and worked in B2B and B2C sales in global environments. When he returned to France, he worked for a translation agency and discovered the legal translation sector. Two years later he joined Legal 230.

Arjun Shah

Head of Business Development UK

After degree in Business Management from Queen Mary, University of London, Arjun went on to being a Legal Account Manager for a translation company. He then shared his insight when working at the worlds trusted legal directory, before moving on to a leading ALSP and overseeing their new business and legal client relations. Arjun is now the Head of Business Development for Legal 230 UK oversees their London office.

Jonathan Breure

Business Developer

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Jessy Kouassi

Sales Development Representative Benelux

Currently the SDR for the Benelux area and aspiring for growth with Legal 230. Jessy is a passionate and dedicated individual about making connections and connecting people. After a long stay in the UK, Jessy knows how crucial the first impression is.

Amina Aniche

Project Manager Junior

Amina graduated with a Master’s in Legal and Financial Translation in 2018, after spending 3 years with a legal translation firm as a translator/project manager. She came to Legal 230 in 2021 as a Junior Project Manager, to help contribute to its growth with the rest of the team.

Arnaud Petit

Project Manager Junior

Holding a Master's degree in Intercultural Management from ISIT (Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication), where he graduated in 2020, Arnaud is highly skilled in both English and German language, as well as project management. He was delighted to join Legal 230's Project Management team in January 2021, for it offers the perfect environment for his profile and ambitions.

Manon Macé

Community Manager

After holding various posts in Procurement, Manon chose to focus on Marketing and Communication, graduating in 2019 with a Master's degree in Specialised Marketing. With a passion for English, she spent time in Melbourne during her studies to polish her language skills. Manon joined the team in January 2021, and is thrilled to be part of this exciting venture.

Pauline Prilliez

Office Manager

After completing a BTS (Advanced Vocational Training Certificate) in Administration, Pauline joined a legal translation company as a commercial assistant for five years. She then came to Legal 230 in 2021 to be our Office Manager.

Aïssata Dia

Administrative and Financial Officer

Aïssata is passionate about finance and did an MBA in Audit and Management Control at PSB (Paris School of Business) following her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the Supdeco Business School in Dakar, Senegal. Drawing on her broad experience within large groups such as Intum and start-ups such as Yélé Consulting, Aïssata joined Legal 230’s highly dynamic team as Financial Manager to support this great adventure.

Martina Del Tufo

Vendor Manager / Translator