Our advantages

Our Advantages

Standing out and providing an innovative service, this is the course we have set for ourselves at LEGAL 230.

Seeing further and focusing on our niche market and our customers by providing relevant services, such is our vocation.

We chose a different path, allowing us to focus exclusively on legal professionals by offering differentiating and innovative services that you won’t find elsewhere.

Why? Because in choosing a specialist position, we can focus our efforts on the key issues that concern you, without spreading ourselves thin.

At a glance

Translation and interpretation services dedicated exclusively to legal professionals

Responsiveness is guaranteed, with a response from our sales teams within 30 minutes

Services in over 230 languages

The provision of our Artificial Intelligence tool, which is completely dedicated to law

The provision of a secure Tier 3 portal guaranteeing the confidentiality of our exchanges

The creation of terminology glossaries for each project

The possibility of invoicing your customers directly

The capacity to handle very large volumes

And, last but not least, our services are accessible 24/7.

So look no further, you've found your language partner!


Let us pool the very best of all that we have in common and enrich ourselves with our mutual differences Paul Valéry