Expertise areas


At LEGAL 230, we’ve made a choice:

To only do legal translations, exclusively for legal practitioners.

We believe that it is difficult to be an expert in many areas, particularly when it comes to translating a document containing many legal terms to be transcribed into one's mother tongue (Editor's note: a professional translator only translates into his/her mother tongue).

Being a legal translator requires skills and training in line with the legal professions, a good deal of expertise and an ability to adjust to time constraints, terminological glossaries and the finer points of the profession.

With the constant evolution of deeds, treaties, laws and transnational agreements, the expertise of a specialist translator is essential for the proper understanding of your legal documents. This type of translation is very different from a general translation and requires distinct skills.


The services of an expert are essential, to the extent that legal translation is a complex task which often represents major challenges. At LEGAL 230, our teams consist of legal translation specialists who all have proven ability in an area of law.

Our regular tests enable us to guarantee results that meet your expectations. Our teams are able to translate all types of documents on different families of law: business law, real estate, litigation, tax, arbitration, etc.

We make sure that our teams are particularly attentive to the choice of terminology, to the glossaries that we provide them with, and, of course, to the extreme confidentiality which must surround the exchanges of data and files. To do this, we have set up a secure Tier 3 portal guaranteeing a transfer of data outside of traditional channels (emails, etc.).

Compliance with these rules is essential and we are de uncompromising on these various issues.

At LEGAL 230, we provide quality legal translations, which are accurate and consistent with the source text, while respecting the terminology, which is so important in this profession.


At LEGAL 230, we respect your defined terms.

At LEGAL 230, we ensure that your editorial requirements are applied (use of capital letters, compliance with defined terms, etc.)

Time is also an important factor. We know full well that your contacts can’t be kept waiting, so meeting deadlines is key. This is why, at LEGAL 230, we have developed tools to automate tasks via our secure Tier 3 platform, which make it possible to increase the speed of exchanges but above all, to monitor the progress of a translation and make arrangements to guarantee delivery times that are fully in line with your initial request.

At LEGAL 230, satisfying you is our driving force, serving you is our commitment.

LEGAL 230: Expert Translation Boutique, serving you 24/7.