CSR Charter

We are committed

Drawing on our 15 years of experience in the field of legal translation and interpretation, we are committed to making our exchanges with our customers and our teams paperless. The documents we work on are systematically transmitted electronically, via an ultra-secure Tier 3 platform.

Aware of our commitment to our customers, we are committed to working in a constructive, caring and respectful manner with our teams of translators and interpreters, who are all recognised professionals in various areas of law.

LEGAL 230 supports you by offering a suitable and tailor-made solution according to your needs, all while having a CSR policy that is both strict and thoughtful.

Working relationships and conditions

Gender pay equality is a priority within our company, which is why we are committed to three key points, namely:

• Equal remuneration for women and men for the same job position

• A fair distribution of individual increases

• Parity among the ten highest earners


As an outward-looking company, the environment is a concern that is particularly close to our hearts. As such, within LEGAL 230, we encourage trips by car-sharing or public transport in order to limit CO2 emissions. Also in this regard, we provide employees who so wish with bicycles that they can use for travelling between home and work.

Furthermore, as selective sorting is now an integral part of our CSR policy, we have decided to limit unnecessary printing and ask our employees to use double-sided printing. Finally, and to their great delight, we done away with disposable coffee cups and given our employees an individual and personalised mug!

Encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies is one of our priorities. Instead of one-off gestures, we are trying to establish effective habits and a collective conscience.

Community involvement/Charitable association

LEGAL 230 undertakes to donate a percentage of its turnover to the Red Cross each year. We chose this charity together because the values it conveys (lifesaving, social action, training and health), both in France and abroad, are particularly important to us.