Who we are

Who we are

When we came together, it was above all a great meeting, both human and sincere, which led to us noticing something we had in common: an overwhelming desire to be enterprising and to offer a tailor-made service.

Human encounters are the key point of any entrepreneurial story. At LEGAL 230, it is the combination of a team of legal translation experts, leveraging more than 15 years in linguistic services for legal professionals.

Motivated by the desire to create a human-sized structure and concentrating our efforts on an often overlooked niche in the galaxy of translation agencies, our complementary personalities combine technical, technological and linguistic knowledge.

Strong values

The team shares strong common values combining creativity, ambition, team spirit, originality and enthusiasm:

Creativity: we believe it’s necessary to always shake up the established order,

Ambition: we’re building a European player aiming to become the European leader in legal translation,

Team spirit: working together is part of our philosophy. Mutual assistance and goodwill are key to our adventure,

Originality: because our strength lies in the diversity of the personalities that make up our teams, all in more than 230 languages (the number of languages in Europe),

Enthusiasm: because entrepreneurship requires 100% enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst for adventure and exceeding limits,

That’s the LEGAL 230 spirit. Uncompromising, dedicated to legal practitioners.