Official translation

Official translation

In certain cases, the translation of a document needs to be official. Depending on the country, the translation is certified, sworn or notarised. Sworn or certified translation does not exist in the United Kingdom. Our notary network can formalise the translation if needed. In France, Belgium and Luxembourg, it must be carried out by a certified translator, registered on a list of legal experts.

Our certified translators, who are partners of LEGAL 230 and recognised by the Courts of Appeal in several cities, will provide you with a translation in accordance with the rules of the art. When you’re abroad, whatever the country, our teams of translators and our network of notaries will guarantee the proper performance of your delicate assignments. Whatever the request and whatever the country, you can count on our teams.

If you need an accurate and certified translation done in time, we are trained to assist you.

The LEGAL 230 teams have many years of experience in managing sworn, certified and notarised projects. Armed with this knowledge, we advise you and deal with all the stages of the swearing-in, certification or notarisation.

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of documents that may require a sworn, certified or notarised translation:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Academic certificates, university diplomas and school reports
  • Excerpts of criminal records
  • Adoption files
  • Proxies and inheritance cases
  • Contracts, deeds and statutes
  • Marriage certificates
  • Court decisions
  • Car insurance policies and insurance policies
  • Annual accounts and tax notices
  • Identity documents and passports
  • Proofs of payment
  • Medical certificates and more
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