Alan, Broca, Capet, an offer dedicated to lawyers

Alan is a translation done via our Artificial Intelligence tool exclusively developed to produce legal translations en French, English and German. This option includes proofreading, which is called post-editing. This proofreading is carried out by a specialised legal translator.

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Broca is a translation produced by our teams of specialised legal translators in over 230 languages. The translation is proofread by a second translator, who is also specialised in law and a native speaker of the target language.

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Capet is a sworn translation produced by our translators who are certified by a Court of Appeal, specialising in law.

Our sworn translations can be offered to you for proofreading prior to swearing, for approval and amendment, if necessary. Multiple copies can be delivered (optional).

These sworn translations can also be legalised with the various administrative agencies listed (Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, etc.).

Proofreading & updating are also services offered by Legal 230.

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