Project Manager


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LEGAL 230 is a dynamic company that is resolutely turned to the future, which values its employees, respect for others resourcefulness and equality.

We constantly recruit varied profiles because we are convinced that the value of a company lies in its employees and the values rooted in the fundamentals.

We are recruiting the following positions for our offices in in Paris, Brussels, London, Geneva and Frankfurt.

Project Manager

The project manager studies the customer's request with the sales teams. The first task is to select the team to work on the project, generally the translator and proofreader, and possibly a DTP operator. Then, the team and the tools to be used (AI: Alan) are selected according to various and varied criteria. Once the team has been assembled, the project manager plans the project and prepares the translation package (i.e. the document(s) to be translated and the reference material, which consists of all the files and other links to help the translator, as well as translation memories and glossaries).

The second step of the project manager’s role is to coordinate the project. He/she must answer questions from dedicated teams and quickly find a solution in case of problems. He/she checks the smooth running of the project by ensuring that the chosen teams comply with the customer's instructions and that there are no delays.

The third step of the project manager’s job is to receive the work carried out, in this case the translation, perform quality assurance on it, that is to say, check that the translator has complied with the customer's instructions and basic translation rules (typographical errors, omissions, layout, etc.) and forward the translation to the reviewer.

Fourth step: the project manager updates the customer's terminology database, which usually consists of translation memories, a glossary and a style guide.

A fifth and final step is evaluating the team devoted to the project. This means that the project manager can have access to up-to-date evaluations of the teams and take corrective action when needed. The project manager carefully notes all the details about the team members so as to always find the right translator for the right project.

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